Vasavi College of Engineering (Autonomous), Hyderabad, India
July 26-27, 2024

ICATECS-2024 is a key event for advancements in communications and signal processing, fostering innovation and collaboration among experts globally.


International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Electronics, Communications and Signal Processing

The ICATECS- 2024 conference serves as a premier international platform for researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to converge and explore the latest advancements in the dynamic realms of communications and signal processing. This collaborative event aims to foster knowledge exchange, unveil groundbreaking research findings, and catalyze discussions on cutting-edge technologies, ultimately steering the trajectory of these fields towards a future of innovation and societal impact. Through meticulously curated sessions and presentations, the conference endeavors to inspire and connect thought leaders, driving forward transformative ideas and solutions that will shape the landscape of electronics, communications, and signal processing on a global scale. Set against the backdrop of Hyderabad, India, a city renowned for its rich heritage and burgeoning tech ecosystem

Important dates

31 May 2024

Full Paper Submission deadline

20 June 2024

Notification deadline

26 June 2024

Camera-ready deadline

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Special Programme outside VALUETOOLS conference

Day 1 – Gala Dinner at Parasties Heraklion Restaurant, Crete

Day 2 – Trip to Knossos

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